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You are most likely to find a switch labeled "fan switch" in your pantry. This switch is considered a 2-pull switch and uses low voltage wiring to communicate to your furnace and makeup air unit to turn on and off. This could be used in order to help bring… Read More

A 2 prong receptacle is ungrounded which means there is a potential for shock. In the event of a short, the metallic parts may become charged as no grounding wire is present to disperse the charge.To fix the grounding issue with a 2 prong receptacle, add a… Read More

Aluminum wiring itself is not unsafe, however it is the connections(splices and terminations) where the hazard is found. Performing repairs on aluminum wiring is not recommended as proper re-splicing and terminating techniques are more complicated than sta… Read More

Here is a list of methods to protect your children and pets from electrical hazards in your home: Install tamper resistant outlets. These protect small children from inserting foreign objects into them. Often, the simple plastic caps can be easily remov… Read More

There are several variables which contribute to needing a fire alarm system. These variables include: water in the area for firefighting, size and location of the building and if there is public access to the building. Not every jurisdiction has the same r… Read More

If you have a motion light that continuously turns on and off, it may be caused by heat or light being reflected from other objects. If it is windy outside, leaves or other objects may be blown across the motion path of the sensor.The solution to this prob… Read More

The first step is to check and see if the bathroom outlet is a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) receptacle – a GFI receptacle will have a “test” and “reset” button. You will have two scenarios: If it is a GFI receptacle press the “test” button followed by… Read More

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